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We offer optional on-site special activities. Each activity meets in small groups in the multi-purpose room for approximately 30 minutes per session. There is an extra fee associated with these optional activities.
Spanish: (meets on Mondays)
Children have an amazing ability to learn language! This program teaches basic language skills in Spanish - new nouns, the colors and numbers, days of the week, etc. The teacher, Ms. Claudia, reads books, sings songs and plays games with the children in Spanish. The monthly fee for this activity is $20, with a $10 enrollment fee.

(meets on Tuesdays)
This preschool program introduces the children to a variety of types of music, musical instruments and music activities. The basic concepts of rhythm, tone, and tempo are explored through a variety of fun, learning activities. Mr. John, who leads the class, is a favorite with the children! He sings and plays the guitar, too. The fee for this program is $25 per month.

Art with Evan:
(meets on Wednesdays)
Art is a process where there are no right or wrong answers and everyone has success when they are encouraged to be their creative best. An "Artist of the Day" is shown at each lesson and the children work with a variety of art materials. Lead by Evan Hiraswa, a local artist/teacher -- this class is fun, creative, and developmentally appropriate. The monthly fee for this activity is $25.

Yoga for Children:
(meets on Thursdays)
Yoga is an activity that promotes concentration, motor skill development and self-confidence. It is fun and healthy for kids, too. The children move and learn new child-friendly yoga positions and do relaxation exercises. This class is led by Ms. Kapila, and has a monthly fee of $20 and an enrollment fee of $20 (includes cost of mat).

Tumblin' Tots: (meets on Fridays)
This program offers classes in Tumbling/Gymnastics. The program incorporates the basics of gymnastics as well as coordination, rhythm, and many other skills. This class is taught by Ms. Lisa and the monthly fee for this activity is $25, with a $10 enrollment fee.