UNC: The University Child Care Center
Caring for UNC families since 1953
dynamic, nurturing, diverse, dedicated, fun!

Our philosophy is to provide a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate program for each child in a loving, nurturing, safe and accepting environment.

We believe that preschool children learn best through creative, hands-on play in a setting that is rich with learning opportunities. We provide activities, materials, and guidance that enhance children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. We help children learn to think independently, communicate effectively, and solve problems. We integrate key areas of content for school preparedness including literacy, mathematics, science, technology, creative expression and the arts, health and safety and social studies.

We help children develop trust, self-esteem, confidence and security through an environment of love, consistency, and gentle guidance. We think of ourselves as a community of caregivers, each invested in the success of every child. We believe that we are role models and teach by modeling kindness, consideration of others, acceptance and lack of bias. We recognize and respect the uniqueness and potential of each child. We honor the important role of parents and families in determining what is best for their child. We view cultural diversity as enriching our program, and strive for open and respectful communication that helps guide us to respond to the diverse needs of the children and families in our program.