UNC: The University Child Care Center
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Children will be taught on an individual basis unique to their own stage of development. Children two years of age and older participate in age appropriate activities which are planned to coordinate with specific weekly topics that are familiar to them. Each week topics and activities are rotated to keep children's interest at peak levels. Classrooms are generally arranged into learning centers, which allow children the freedom to play and develop skills. Opportunities are available for:

  • Art and creative expression
  • Science and discovery
  • Sand and water play
  • Language and reading development
  • Block and transportation play
  • Imaginative and dramatic play
  • Music and movement
  • Small motor development
  • Large motor skills
  • Computer centers (3's & 4's classrooms)
  • Food experiences
  • Problem solving and number concepts
  • Social awareness
  • Health and safety
  • Field trips and visitors
  • Self-help routines

The daily schedule is a carefully planned balance between self-directed and adult-guided activities and the rooms are arranged into learning and activity centers. During "free play", children have the freedom to choose activities and playmates. Each child is offered group experiences, one-on-one interactions, as well as time to play alone if he or she chooses. Children are encouraged to participate in activities, but are never forced to do so. The activity plan for the week is posted for your review and we encourage families to participate in our curriculum activities as often as they desire. We offer children an opportunity to play outdoors daily, weather permitting.